The GMI13 Program Committee is pleased to announce that the next Global Microbial Identifier meeting will be held in downtown Vancouver, Canada at Simon Fraser University Wosk Centre for Dialogue on September 13-15 2023 (both in-person and online).

The meeting will explore the technical and social/ethical/legal aspects of microbial genomics data sharing, including mechanisms, initiatives and solutions for:

  • building interoperability of systems and datasets
  • data governance 
  • building equitable partnerships 
  • sustainability 
  • coordinating different efforts around the globe

Please see the GMI13 overview below for registration and further details.

For specific inquiries, please contact Dr. Emma Griffiths (

We look forward to welcoming you to Vancouver, and to a great conference!

GMI13 Overview of Events

GMI Conference

September 13 to 15, Simon Fraser University Wosk Centre for Dialogue

GMI13 will focus on the critical importance of equity and interoperability (semantic, process, systems) in developing a global microbial genomics data sharing ecosystem. The conference will feature sessions that highlight other global genomics initiatives tackling similar challenges; international partnerships between high income and low-to-middle-income countries focusing on lessons learned for equitable data sharing; updates from public sequence repositories and surveillance networks; and work group breakout sessions focusing on the development of priority actions.

Strategic Planning Work Group Day

September 12, Simon Fraser University Wosk Centre for Dialogue

To accomplish GMI’s vision and objectives, members are organized into four work groups; WG1 – Policy and networks, WG2 – Metadata standards and repositories, WG3 – Pipelines and analytical approaches, WG4 – Proficiency testing and ring trials. This dedicated WG day will focus on strategic planning of WG priorities, milestones and funding opportunities, and members will participate in WG activities. Active WG members with previous experience are strongly encouraged to attend. New members that have not participated previously will have opportunities to learn more about the WGs, and join, later during the conference.

Conference location

Simon Fraser University Wosk Centre for Dialogue
580 West Hastings St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1L6